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Customers became more demanding and they want more flexibility when it comes to their orders, even when they buy online.  One of the most important demands is to receive the products when it suits them.

Stefaan and Peter Garmyn, masterminds behind PharmaLocks, and their team of qualified software developers created an ingenious, flexible and reliable solution for any pharmacist to provide its customers with a brand new service.  … We’re talking about a range of electronic devices combined with brand new state of the art web and smartphone applications which will change pharmacy services forever.

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PharmaLocks® is a user friendly application to use in combination with a PharmaLocks® locker system installed at a pharmacy.  You can use this application to lock products for your colleagues, friends or business partners or simply to pick up your order at the pharmacy 24 hours a day.

The unique thing about PharmaLocks® is the fact that you don’t have to worry about pin codes anymore.  PharmaLocks® is equipped with a special security protocol to make sure a locker can only be locked or opened by the right person.  It’s the easiest and most secure way to share products.

PharmaLocks® Merchant

If you own a pharmacy and you want to use lockers for your customers you can use the PharmaLocks® merchant application.  This application is created to manage your locker settings so you can always modify or expand your locker setup in a simple way.

When you install a PharmaLocks® locker system at your pharmacy, you can build a complete new customer experience and build an even stronger customer relation with your client.

It’s the easiest and most secure way to deliver products but also the most flexible way for clients to pick up their orders or even return goods to your pharmacy like rental devices.

This application only works in combination with a pharmalocks® locker system.

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