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How it works

Use a locker to send a product to someone:

  1. On the dashboard page you see a green button on the bottom, click on this button to start your process.
  2. We need to know in what store you are so scan the store barcode. This is a QR code you will find on the locker cabinet or the store publicity.
  3. When we recognise this store, you can now select the locker you want to use, this is always a number of the locker. When the lockers have no numbers, start counting them from the top left down the first row and then the second row.
  4. After you selected a locker you can now load this locker for someone from your contact list.  Click on the green button at the bottom to load a locker.
  5. Now search for the contact person in your contact list. You will see all your recent contact persons but you can also search in the complete contact list of all PharmaLocks users.
  6. Done, we open the locker door and we inform your contact that you have left something for him/her. Your contact receives an email and a notification on his/her smartphone.